The Wild West of Livestreaming

Participate in a matchup or create your own show
with up to three guests from any device.

Clapback is the best way to talk about anything.

Regardless of who you are, you can livestream your thoughts and rants to the world.

Chat Openly

Enjoy a platform where you can talk about your thoughts with other like-minded (or different) people. We have built this platform for you and your ideas, not advertisers.

Reach Your Audience

Build a following by talking about the things you like. No algorithms, no surprises, we want to give everyone the power to decide who they want to watch.

Rise to the Top

Climb the rankings, outwit your opponents and receive votes, earn claps by spending time on the site, and cause chaos in streams using items in the store.

Talk to Millions

We are constantly working on new exciting features that lets you expand your reach to large amounts of people instantly, letting your voice be heard by millions.

Join Groups

Chat with and watch matches by like-minded people by joining groups and clubs to join a live chat and see recommended videos. It's just like college, I promise.

Watch and Chat

When you aren't participating, browsing is one of the most entertaining things on the site. Not only that, but you might even learn something... or catch a cat fight.


We are a team of passionate creators who want to give you the best experience possible when it comes to having conversations online.

Sam Gehly

Founder + CTO

Sam brings years of development and product management skills to the team. Sam is a specialist in design, all levels of development, and is credited with creating Clapback. He is the top contributor to the product's existence.

Wyatt Thorson


Wyatt has expansive experience in small business management. He is responsible for many of the internal operations of the business, operations, financials, and other visionary and marketing roles. He is the top contributor to the business' existence.

Brandon Perler

CCO + Design Lead

Brandon has many years of experience in numerous people-focused areas of business. He is a top contributor to our policies, as well as being the top contributor to marketing plans, outreach, design, and user experience.


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General Questions?

If you have any general feedback for us, feel free to shoot it in an email to Sam!

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Business or School?

If you're a business or an educational institution, please send Wyatt an email!

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Content Creator?

We'd love to hear from any and all content creators to hear how we could make this platform the best for you. If you're free, shoot an email to Brandon!

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We're currently looking for networking engineer that has experience with livestreaming protocols. Feel free to send an email to Wyatt if you're interested!

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Beta Invite?

We'll be sending out beta invitations on a first-come, first-serve basis based on the form at the beginning of the page. Public invite codes will be coming soon.


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